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#297 | Shelley Klingerman | Project Never Broken | with The Resilient & Rowdy Podcast

February 07, 2022 Dr. Jason Piccolo Episode 297
The Protectors®
#297 | Shelley Klingerman | Project Never Broken | with The Resilient & Rowdy Podcast
Show Notes

Shelley Klingerman joined Jesse and Jason to discuss the loss of her Detective brother to a senseless ambush, starting Project Never Broken to help those dealing with loss & grief, women’s safety issues, and tons more.  Shelley also discusses attending citizen training to get a glimpse into the policing world from responding to threats to dealing with individuals with mental health problems. 

About Shelley: Shelley Klingerman is a successful entrepreneur, author, marketing professional, and documentary film producer. She is a graduate of Indiana State University and the mother of three children who inspired her to make the documentary Terror in American Schools: Are Your Kids Safe? The film outlines threats and vulnerabilities to our schools, and what can be done to increase security for the nation’s children.

During her research for the film, and from her two decades of working for a large global firm, Klingerman began to understand the need to be vigilant and aware of her surroundings in everyday situations. This sparked a passion to help others learn what they should be aware of when traveling and living their day-to-day lives, and how they can prepare and protect themselves. She compiled her insights — which have been featured in The New York Times — into Vigilance: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety, Self-Protection Measures, and Countermeasures (Niche Pressworks, 2019).

She received Situational Awareness Specialist certification in 2021 and is currently attending the FBI’s Citizen’s Academy.

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