The Protectors Podcast™

#339 | Monologue on Negativity & the 90/10

May 18, 2022 Dr. Jason Piccolo
The Protectors Podcast™
#339 | Monologue on Negativity & the 90/10
Show Notes


Negativity is infectious, like an airborne disease,  that propels from the mouth directly into your ears. 

It doesn’t have to be negativity coming directly from you, it can be media (social and mainstream), from the family, from friends, and a big one, co-workers.  

Anxiety, health, family, life in general adds to the stress and pressure of your life, adds up big time.  Blood pressure rises, sleep is off the hook with sleepless nights.  Now add negativity to it, feel your stress levels and anxiety sky rocket. 

How much of this negativity comes from actions outside our control, outside our purview, and how much really should we be worried about.   Is it just grumbling, lamenting and commiserating with others.  Ever feel good after that?  Me either.

Sometimes you cannot control the negativity, that is outside of what 90/10 is.  There are instances that life throws at us, those we tackle head one.  What is always thrown at us?  Is the glass half empty or half full, get this, it has something in it!  It’s not empty, so who cares if it is half empty or half full, at least you have something. 

Try out the 90/10 for a few days.  If it works, cool.  If not, cool.  

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