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#355 | David Temple | The Thriller Zone

June 30, 2022 Episode 355
The Protectors® Podcast
#355 | David Temple | The Thriller Zone
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Show Notes

David Temple, a veteran of the radio and television industry, joined the show to talk about how he became a professional in the industry, his incredible next chapter as the host of The Thriller Zone, and a ton more!  

About David: 

David enjoyed a prolific 25-year career in Radio, creating #1 Morning Shows in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Norfolk & Charlotte. Working in formats from Classic Rock to Soft Rock, and Hot Country to News/Talk, as well as on the Satellite Channels: Westwood One Radio and Armed Forces Radio, David spent "Chapter One" of his career building big audiences and loyal listeners.

In his "Chapter Two," David acted in TV & Film. Television shows include: Discovery ID: Your Worst Nightmare, Army Wives, The Confession, Surface and One Tree Hill. Films include: Slice, Chasing Grace, Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man, Remember The Daze and The Ultimate Gift.

Now in "Chapter Three," David merges a love of writing with his passion for podcasting. Learn more at: and TheThrillerZone. For an even quicker & deeper dive, visit:

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