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#361 | Elle Rueger | SOLEDIER SOCKS

July 22, 2022 Dr. Jason Piccolo Episode 361
The Protectors® Podcast
#361 | Elle Rueger | SOLEDIER SOCKS
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Show Notes

Elle Rueger created SOLEDIER SOCKS to give back.  She joined the show recently to talk about creating a small business, partnering with non-profits, creating a Made in the USA sock, and a ton more.  Look for SOLEDIER SOCKS partnering up with Chive Charities soon! 

From Their Site: Our Story, In 2010, while our friend Tommy was deployed to Afghanistan, we sent him several care packages filled with toiletries, protein bars, and the most requested item: SOCKS! Tommy safely returned, thanked us for the socks, and explained how the condition of his feet improved almost immediately while on long, multi-day missions! It was in that moment the idea of SOLEDIER SOCKS was born - sell a pair of socks, donate a pair to our troops!....In partnership with a few nonprofits supporting military and veteran communities, we found more opportunities to raise awareness and give back! We were inspired to create our Stand For a Cause line which has donated approximately $20,000 to 9 military nonprofits.

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