The Protectors® Podcast

#412 | Joshua Hood | w/ BC Sanders | PART 1 GUNS

March 02, 2023 Episode 412
The Protectors® Podcast
#412 | Joshua Hood | w/ BC Sanders | PART 1 GUNS
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Show Notes

Author, veteran, and former SWAT officer Joshua Hood stopped by The Protectors®.  BC Sanders joined us as we talked pistols, lever actions, shotguns, and ARs—everything from Stacatto to lever actions to big ole 44 magnums.   In Part 2 of this series, we jump into some deep topics.  

About Joshua:  Author of The Treadstone Resurrection & Search and Destroy Series—Aficionado of Sharp Knives & Loud Guns. Josh decided to follow his brother into the military and joined the army after graduating with an English degree from the University of Memphis. He spent five years in the 82nd Airborne Division, becoming a team leader in the 3-504 Parachute Infantry Regiment in Iraq from 2005-2006, where he conducted combat operations supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. From 2007-2008, Hood served as a squad leader with Afghanistan's 1-508th Parachute Infantry Regiment. He put more Foot-to-Taliban-Ass and was decorated for valor in Operation Furious Pursuit. On his return to civilian life, he was a sniper team leader on a full-time SWAT team in Memphis, TN, where he was awarded the lifesaving medal for saving the life of a civilian with quick, creative, and resourceful instincts. Unfortunately, he quit SWAT and the Police Department the day his son was born, knowing he couldn't bring that "trash" home to his family. Hood now lives in Collierville, TN, as a full-time author. He is married to  Amy (who's clearly out of his league!) and is frequently outsmarted by his toddler, Jake.

Joshua Hood is the author of the Search and Destroy Black Ops thriller series, Clear by Fire and Warning Order, The Treadstone Exile (2/2021), and The Treadstone Resurrection (2/2020). Learn more about Josh by going "Under the Hood" to get his insights on The Art of Writing, Good Books, Sharp Knives, and Loud Guns.

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