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#429 | Gabby Franco | Professional Shooter | Olympian | With Callie Farill

June 06, 2023 Episode 429
The Protectors®
#429 | Gabby Franco | Professional Shooter | Olympian | With Callie Farill
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Gabby Franco joined The Protectors® Podcast to talk all things shooting, from first-time shooters, to long-range shooting, firearms, training, and a ton more!  Callie Farill joined us as co-host.    

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Welcome back to the protectors. And one thing we usually do before the show starts. So we talk about all the good stuff. But today, we're not going to do that we're going to start and we're going to start talking about a topic that I love so much. Shooting Sports, getting into shooting sports and all things shooting. Today, I'm bringing on a couple of experts. I have my co host, Callie. And Gabby Franco is here, Gabby, how you doing?
Very good. How are you guys?
Doing great. So we're jumping right into it. But you know, let's get right down to dirty so many people are hesitant about jumping into shooting sports, because for one, let's give some scenarios here we got either you got a guy who's older, he's like in his 50s You got some young kids 20s 2122. They don't know anything about really shooting sports. And then you have to feed the whole entire female community that always like, you know, there's something about it where they unless you're Elio or military background or something, they're a little hesitant about taking that step into a male dominated sport, but I say do it. So that's just my own viewpoint.
And they thought through what you're saying, because my physical therapist, which it was super cool to share with me I store when she was in the Navy and her that what she called her any ockley You know, moment said her one moment shooting, but and I showed her was so excited. I showed her what I do and telling her that yes, I'm not running. For those of you who don't know, I just had an ACL reconstruction two months ago. And so I showed her my us one USPSA stage, and she's like, Okay, but what do you do with that? Are you a cop? I'm like, No, but what is the purpose? I'm like, Well, you know, shooting in Yaba, but in real life, what do you see application? It was so funny, no matter what I told her, she couldn't, you know, get it out of her head that that was a law enforcement kinda activity. And I was like, No, really, actually. Now they some law enforcement scientists are trying to get into it. But more often than not, they actually avoided but it's so true what you're saying. You know,
and so funny. And Gaby the one thing you brought up the law enforcement perspective it so I just retired 23 years law enforcement. We've done scenario shooting like that. But it's usually like a flat range where you're running straightforward. There's no like turning left, right, right. And everything else like that. Standard, like regular like police agencies hardly ever get the opportunity to do the stages like that. But some of the like, I think I saw you down at one of the matches and maybe the one you got injured with that the secret services teams that are actually getting into it. So it's it's good to see law enforcement getting into it, but you don't have to be law enforcement. You absolutely don't have to be prior anything.
No, one of our best shooters actually out here. Two of our best shooters is a 15 year old girl and a 16 year old kid boy with a big crash. Everything we've got law enforcement, we've got SWAT we've got all the military SF units that train down over an island Hurlburt field and these kids are out shooting them it's not just law enforcement. It's it's civilian dominated within the shooting sports I would say
and going to your point Jason and you were saying you know maybe somebody who sold even injured like I'm injured right? Well not injure Well, I guess you can say so what you know I'm not fully there yet. Normal or even disability I have. I posted a video yesterday talking about all my journey after surgery getting back into competitions where my body like me physically, I feel so good. But internally at the cellular level, the doctor tells me you know, it's not healed yet you're there connections that you know, what come next year new graft steel to integrate with the bones. You know, they drilled your point, I'm not gonna go all the details, but I'm not there yet. Right. And then I posted a video posted on LinkedIn. And I was saying that, you know, I was excited that even though you're shooting and walking while everybody's running, you know what I mean? I would say most people are probably running or moving faster than I was because I had to work. And I was still in the middle of the pack. And somebody on LinkedIn, told me that he's a shooter from Israel. And he says he's the only IPSC IPSC shooter in Israeli in Israel who shoots in a wheelchair. And he said, I understand what you're saying that being in the middle of the fact is so good. because, you know, you have served so many limitations, but you still go out there and enjoy it and learn to me has been a whole different ballgame for me learning about myself the sport and what can I do with my limitations?
I I don't I don't know if there's really any limitations to Gabby Franco because
I can mention a lot.
Okay, you know what social media here, there's no limitations. And that's the other thing too, is like, we'll get into the whole social media facade in a minute, because all three of us have seen it. But the other thing too, is getting taking that first step is we, you know, we always talk about the hesitancy and you, you know, you're jumping into it comes something a little completely different. You've always been, it seems like that pistol has been molded into your hand for like most of your life. But getting into different things and taking that first step, and not knowing anybody, you don't need to know anybody when you go to the range. Nine times out of 10 When I go to these competitions, I don't know anybody, but you meet people and you you become friends with everybody. But what is how are you getting over that hesitancy to start something new, especially after being a pro for so long?
The ride like you know, with it with my after surgery, and all that stuff, I decided to try out for try prs. For those of you who don't know, that precision rifle series, so we should long range over 300 700 yards completely out of my comfort zone and my pistol shooter, but I'll I went there and thinking, what, what do I have to lose, like, I have absolutely nothing to lose. And I'm not there to prove nothing, you know, even right now USPSA shooting I signed up for this weekend, I'm gonna go to a major match, it's gonna be my first one in Texas area for and I signed up for nationals. And I'm looking at the stages and nationals and they're all you know, long stages. And feel stages means that there's going to be a lot of room where people are going to be running and gaining, you know, so much time with that, and I'm going to be walking up and walking, walking. But just in my mind, in my mind, I always think of of it as this, to me, it's not only a physical, meaning trying to get back into my routine, but also mental, if you are able to get over your mental struggles, like oh, well, people are gonna say I'm not gonna be first I'm not gonna do good, maybe I suck, or maybe you're gonna be the last, that last, if you are able to overcome that, in whatever circumstances you're at, you are, you are in the winning track. Because that is one of the things that most people don't want don't don't don't pay attention to, they only think about when they're good. But when you are not there, and whatever happened in your life, or it's a new activity, and of trying to find those emotions, trying to find the thoughts, you are truly on the right track to maintain a very good mental game stable, and I'm saying everything not only in sport, you know, but in life and relationships, family, if you're able to do it in different areas you are in in general and they're very good track. Yeah,
I would agree with that. For sure.
You know, I always tell people another thing is I'm not a pro by any means. I mean, I've been shooting forever, you know, law enforcement military and I just started a competition shooting about a while it's been about a little over a year. But I and I'm not focused on anything as much as just having fun. And that's the thing is just have fun. But you don't need to be i and i i know I'm beating it beating it to death, but you don't have to be a pro. Like we're talking about for like a 15 year olds that are out there. Just shredding. No, no your know how to use your firearm. But like for people who want to jump into it, you don't really need a lot of equipment. You really just need a good holster. Something that works and I want to hear from you guys about equipment. So
you can even check on the practice score too. I know in my region, if you sign up for something like they even say if if this is your first one and you don't have the equipment, send us an email and we'll set you up
so awesome.
So you have a lot of the region's out here, that's just kind of how it is. If you show up and you don't have something someone there will have something and they will love it too. You see. Here's mag
and you know, and I think it's so important all so that people know that the community so open to help beyond belief so short story of one went to my PRs match, I went with my rifle so excited. I zeroed my rifle two days before so it was like pumped. When I got there after my second time doing, you know, changing dialing my, for my first shots. Well guess what my turret just gave up on me. And I'm thinking, Oh, that's no good will happen to be my fault. They never liked it. I mean, they were pressed, you know? Yes. You know, human operator error. And long story short, my gun loss zero. That was on my third stage. And I was about to go, like literally about to go and my husband was there with my son to watch me know, like, Okay, I'm leaving, you know, like them. And then somebody said, on the squat, following my squat said, Hey, I have a rifle in my car that needs to be shot. You know, for those of you who don't know, there are some rifles, you know, literally, you need to break them in and out and the analysts like to want to shoot it. I'm like, Are you sure? Just like, yeah, go ahead. And I'm like, Sure, why not? It ended up being amazing. Wonderful. His name is Matt, I've always forget his last name, Matt. So thankful for him. Um, you know, out of the blue, he gave me ammo, he gave me you know, the rifle. And I was able to complete the match. And the same thing had happened to me and other circumstances, you know, where I went to a major match within my new PDP F series. And my new holster, well, guess what, I didn't check the distance between the holster and the gun. So in USPSA, you have it cannot be too far out from your body has to be specifically closer to your gun out, you know, at least a minimum distance. I can tell you, everybody was like trying to help me, they will shave here. And everybody's out there. And I guarantee you, if you're new, go out there. Just make yourself seen, you know, like, don't just be hidden there. But nobody's seen you because you don't talk. You know, just be out there. Be friendly, and you'll have a ton of fun.
And you're gonna find a lot of every match had been to where they're like, Who's, who's this your first match? And you're going to look right, you're gonna be like, oh, there's no way I'm going to be the only one here. And like five or six people will raise their hand. And you bring it up the rifle aspect. The same thing happened to another competitor two weeks ago, as he showed up, and he he's like, Oh my gosh, I can't believe this. I forgot my pistol. So he forgot his pitch. So So what happened? So what actually what it was a two gun so I mean, that would suck if it was just like a one. But someone gave let him use one of their spares. And the thing is, you're not going I mean, yeah, you know, Gabby Franco is going to go there to win some of these matches, like the big ones like you know, when you're going to Nationals or something
Yeah, right now.
But like jumping into the the rifle and, and all these other matches, you don't have to go there, the when you go there, and first off, have fun. And then practice and I was saying over the weekend is you're gonna try like this weekend I shot. It was like World War Two scenario. So you had to have a gun, that's kind of long the same line. So I brought a lever action gun with me. I'm like, hey, why not? It's in the same error. And I brought my 1911 45 with me, I typically never shoot under stress with both of those weapons. But it was nice to go there and shoot under stress with the equipment that I may use someday for something, whether it's hunting or some other thing, but it's nice to practice with the equipment. And that's why I would love to see more law enforcement and more military doing these types of competition because you're moving, and you're using these firearms under different circumstances. And I
think when to appointed law enforcement, I think it's so important to because it allows you you know, we were up a stage, I'm talking about USPSA in particular, you have a maybe 3015 seconds station, you think it's 15 seconds is you know, short time, but when you're doing it, it seems like forever. I mean, there's so many things that can go wrong, so many things, so many decisions that you made in fractions of a second. And I think just the quick thinking, you know, allows you to win you do in practice and competition allows you to translate in real life that you know, your brain is just looking for, you know, a certain situation making quick decisions, and that's something you need to practice. Otherwise some people get paralyzed. Oh, something happened, my gun froze. You You're just determined or whatever you constantly practice but you know how life is life goes. Generally without something go What's wrong is not exactly what you practice your whole life, but you have to have that mental practice of quick decision making. And I think USPSA or any two gun competitions or any other event long range rifle allows you to do that making those quick decisions you know on the spot in fractions of a second and I think that's a that is so valuable
you brought up the long range stuff and I bring up a lot of my own personal experiences because I post a lot and we're going to talk about social media here in a minute. But you know, I've shot a Rs 30 years and some M M 16 A TOS back in the day all the way up to the end for all we have to a RS and everything's always been kind of short distance. You know, the last time I shot anything like 300 meters was in the army and I was 2006. So I did a I did a two gun a few weeks ago and it was like 300 meters and I'm like Wow, I'm so used to shooting my my AR with optics and last time I shot was iron sights, that's how old I am. But getting used to employing these longer distances is it's a new game and it's something you have to get used to. So you're starting to get into the longer range stuff have you gone to training yet or have you been Are you self taught?
Well, no, I know her self taught a lot I mean, I learned a huge lesson that was on top shot when I got eliminated that was my first time shooting really long long long range and I learned that that shooting long range rifle is more than fundamentals more than your trigger press you need to know about the wind you need to know about pressure even though now we have so many tools right but still it could be just having a good rifle you know position I mean so many variables that especially for long range rifle. So I have had good friends who have helped me when years ago in 2010 to k&n in Florida, very good group training group. And then on Wednesday, I went with some friends in West Virginia Peacemaker and they helped me give back to my rifle set in understanding and and more than anything I have to say so understanding your equipment. I know many people even brought in pistol shooting and that includes everybody even law enforcement that they don't know their equipment. You know what I mean? They often don't know exactly what's the it's not like you need to know exactly you know the engineering of it. But if you understand how it works, how everything works, it makes it easier for you to understand what what things you can do to make it better. So yeah, I have worked with this good friends they're from a group called Green ops here in Virginia area there's they're also in Texas. They're great having their blessing for me. So yeah, we were able to save my rifle so I'm ready for the next one.
Let's let's give a shout out to green ops because I went to their advanced advanced competition shooting and I think that was in West Virginia maybe that's where we did go to Dakota peacemakers. I don't know it was really decent range. We went out there pouring rain and that's the other thing you could train in the rain. But yeah, I give a big shout out to those guys.
Yeah, awesome.
I you know what, I'm a gearhead but what firearms what rifle are you using? And why would you want to talk wallflower? Definitely, yeah, are you using
I'm using the GA positions is a 6.5 Creedmoor with a McMillan stock is kind of old is probably a 13 year old rifle. And I'm using a Primary Arms optic is the PL x five is a six by 3630 by forgot what else it's me I can see all the way to 1000 yards when I went on Wednesday we were shooting 1025 And it was hitting you know, luckily we didn't have wind so they have to do much adjustments for wind but that's what I'm using for rifle and ammo reloads. We have my husband and I he when he used to shoot the rifle now when he especially the rifle, he bought some reloads and we planning to make our own reloads for their position and but yeah that's what I'm phrasing for rifle and for based on shooting my water PDP F series which is has been a game changer amazing. For for me I have small hands has been wonderful.
I do have to give some big props out to Walter because I first when I first started I was using a sig 320 Legion. I liked it nice gun, but then I was like okay, well He's using his Walters Let me try one. So I'm like, okay, so I, I think I got a hell of a discount on it. So I got the Walther PDP did I, yeah, I threw an Overwatch precision trigger on it at the low grips on there. And a camera went off. I think I'm running a hollow sun on that one. But I love it. I love that gun. It is like, I don't know, Callie, have you ever shot the Walther PDP yet? I know you're?
I haven't. I haven't shot much Walters. You should give it a try. That's what I'm hearing.
You know, for two guns, I used to shoot the I don't know how big your hands are. But the steel frame or the senator pdpw are like, phenomenal for media and paints. And even my husband has some has pretty hefty hands. And even the F series which is small. Oh, my goodness. And I don't know if it's because he has big hands. And he can grip the gun and almost looks like he shouldn't have 22? I guess you're not? Yes, it's amazing what the F series does, you know. And it's funny, because when I used to shoot the steel frame, and that's why I didn't shoot the PDP standard, because he was about the same size of the steel frame. But you know, I thought, Okay, I have this big gun for me, but weights compensate for that recoil. So I obviously favor weight. But when they released the PDP F series, which not only the grip smaller, but the trigger, they reduce the size of they literally use a smaller trigger bar, so makes a trigger going further back, it gives me a yes, it gives you so much reach on your trigger finger that you don't have to, you know, and with my other gun, I had to be careful, because if I didn't have as perfect, I'm talking about perfect grip, I wouldn't be able to disengage the trigger safety is a huge deal for me. Now I just just go in and you know, most of the time, 90 95% of time have been great, but I also have to start square, my group is not the best, but I can still go on it and shoot fine. So yes. Is that it? Well, that's a standard. That's a standard. Okay, so if you let me I can bring my F series with me one second.
Yeah, grab it. Now I'm still I was shooting my ex carry. And then I switched over to the Glock 34. supported. So I'm running open open class. So it has a grip reduction on it fits my hand perfectly. That's on how am I run a Glock 34 with a grip reduction and depth trigger in it that's pinned. So the only take up on that trigger is just the trigger press at that point, which is awesome.
So what ultimately they did, basically, they reduced the size of Earl here, right? And the trigger instead of being you know, further out, it's further back. So I have when I put my my my hand you know, like perfect. And I have tiny hands. I put my hand looked at what are my triggers? Oh yeah. Awesome. I mean, it is amazing. And one of the things I tell people for shooting is very important making sure that your your trigger finger doesn't press too much on the frame. And when you have small hands is a big deal. But when you have a grip like this and if you you know especially for me or for anybody having that free movement on your on your trigger finger is it's very important to avoid those extra movements on your on your frame. So yeah, I use the optics This is so so Primary Arms optic. But yeah, this is my pistol and I mean I and you know when I crew were it was how you said that moment that you say that said this is the one it was wasn't a match and started raining. And you know, for us and competitive shooters having chalk. Liquid Chalk is a must otherwise especially in the rain, my with a bigger frame gun my my gun literally dances and in between my hands. I went when he rains however even if you use liquid chalk is like soap. So you don't you cannot use anything. Literally nothing. Yeah, it's crazy. The only thing that works for those of you who are curious, there is there is a liquid that I also have is for people who have sweaty hands. Oh yeah. And then you put that on and helps you try your hands a little bit. Get it makes it Read and Write for him for places when you go shooting in high humidity. But anyways, I was like I'm sorry I was like Okay, here we go there's a new gun and it's raining sure enough I you know remove all my chalk liquid chalk and he started shooting and also as I was shooting I was saying you know I'm there like nothing is moving and so to me it was like okay yes this is it winter yeah it makes a huge it makes it definitely makes a huge difference you know from how
do you like that? How are the primary arms optics because I really did because like I keep buying new guns but I'm getting another one and I'm like I'm like but yeah, I really dig primary arm stuff but I haven't picked up on either optics yet.
I you know it's funny because they're one of my sponsors and it took me about six seven months to for me to say yes you know let's let's do this partnership because I really like to try their products making sure that something that I could put it on like I that is reliable that was not going to fail me in the middle of the competition and I could talk about it and and he has been there have been wonderful one thing I've really liked and he may be because me as my background in Olympic shooting I really like low profile optics their profile you know optics are huge and I don't know you know Walter has very poor access were really like fairly low and having an optic that is also low to me it's almost like a very good index you know, I don't have to be here and my optic way up here they are very nice app. I mean, this has been like I think two years for me. I haven't even changed the the dot yet. They are very nice rounded so it doesn't get stuck and stuff
or biggest on the frame. What is it? How big is that window on your frame? What's your window? Oh so you have a pretty decent sized window on it too.
And you know what one thing so there are some optics they use when you see them they look small but they window looks little probably there was your concern right and you're like oh my god I'm just looking through this little thing. But I think they did a great thing with the design that is not flat here is more rounded. And so that gives you an extra you know the shovel so it doesn't feel like you're in this little boxy yeah mini window and that's something I like it's just it has a right size not too big it's not too small but just start rounding the top make sense like if you that like that impression that is not a tiny tiny up Yeah, so you can see more so it's pretty good huh?
That's awesome. Primary Arms has some good stuff.
Yeah, you know,
I was gonna say Callie you just didn't you just start competing as well.
I did so I did my first match and January I did a soft match which is a outlaw style two gun match. I ran three different kinds on that in my sig 320 so well so outlaw it doesn't matter. There's like it's no rules basically, you bring and you can shoot whatever gun at whatever stage you want to shoot. Okay, so I brought my other salient arms and 1818 inch barrel for the long range stuff and then I was running friend of mine he's gonna custom f1 Build and that thing is friggin spicy. That for most of the USPA style or steel Ben style matches and then my Glock 34 And I just did the altars to gun match they've got a four series go in this year so it was to have four three or fours in September for four is going to be in December. Um but those are also outlaw matches, which are a lot of fun.
It's like a going see then totally like all the our loss stuff now.
Awesome. Awesome. I love it. I did step away from my 320 is too big for my hands, even with the pedal on there, or I forget what the competition shooters called like the thumb thumb break breast tumbler. Even with that, I was still having some issues and the trigger. I could have dropped another trigger and there but the trigger has so much movement and the takeup Oh, it was a map but I went back to block and I haven't had any issues my splits, I can't get my splits under 14 But I'm you know, I'm not shooting a 1911 or ar 2011 style pistols. It's still pretty fast for Glock and I'm very happy with that. But getting into it was really intimidating because I'm shooting with all these like law enforcement military people, like Oh, no. Okay, I'm just gonna go and have fun.
Yeah, it's so cool. I would say you should try if the SEC was too big for you. I don't know how the blog fits in your hand probably fixed fine. But you should try the F series The Walker series, just go to a gun range Brenton and check it out for if we happen to be shooting at the same rush. You're more than happy to try mine.
I'm gonna have to try this F series on it. So I'm looking over here at Mike. Oh, Mike. Okay.
Yes, yes. You know, it's funny, because in the original design, or the original goal, per se, was just, it was for a female gun, right is as the F series and I helped them. That was I kind of was the one who pushed that idea. After I went to training law enforcement, female officers, and they were shooting this six hour huge garden. I mean, this ladies did amazing with what they had. But it's one when you see it, and you're like, man, there's so much potential, but the equipment is not letting them do their best. But anyway. So I've been to one of the sales rep and law enforcement reps, and he was telling me I sell more of the FCS to men than women that men are loving it because it has so for medium. And like I said before my husband, my husband loves it. But for medium is more hands, that gun, you know, shoots very, very well, for large hand. Got hands. It's almost like you're an attorney to literally, yes, so and the best thing for you, Jason is that he uses the same magazines for your PDP. So what
what greens are you using? Are you using 151 47 or
140? Sevens once for so yeah, I really love my animals. So I'm shooting now 147 grains. I'm using a shotgun powder. It's called is E three. It's very clean powder. So yeah, I really liked that combination of two. I'm still in the process of, you know, I wouldn't say developing what I like I really like what I have now. But it's always it's almost like a you never in that experimental phase and somebody starts saying, Oh, what happened? You try that Buller? Wait and you're like, Oh, what did you say that now I have to try not have to develop a new load in that our, you know, something that I like so anyways, but yeah, I'm shooting 140 sevens now.
Well, Cal, you have the last question. So make it good. Oh, I
get that same question.
Or you get the last question. Because, Gabby, we can't keep you happy all day long. Let's hear it. No, you have the last question. What do you got?
Oh, okay, Gabby. So what when you first started getting into competition shooting? What was the biggest takeaway for shooting for you specifically? Like what was your biggest lesson? Okay, so Well,
it depends because the one I very very very first started was an Olympic shooting when I was 11 years old. And to me and I want to talk there when I didn't know anything about shooting I didn't know anything about guns. And those four who are watching now I don't know if you know callin Jason but an air pistol. We should offhand the target isn't 10 meters. The Bullseye is one centimeter diameter. The target doesn't move the shooter doesn't move. Seems easy. Seems nice, right? What what? How easy could how difficult could that be? And it turned out that it was very challenging, trying to hit that small bullseye. And it turned out to me that it was an internal battle and that's why make me fall in love with the shooting sports because he was known me finding with anybody else but with myself and with my own thoughts. I knew with all my own frustrations understand that the more frustrated I got the wars I got to the the more I feared to making a bad shot, the more I make that a reality. And so it was almost like understanding how your mind can be a may be a product I mean, your result is a product what you create in your mind. And so to me the shooting sports especially in Olympic shooting that's how I grew up in the in this world of firearms was a wonderful base that have carried me on not only in the shooting sports but are also in life. Most of the stuff I do in my life, I think about what GAVI the shooter would do. How I think in future terms, how I think about short term goals, long term goals. And then now in the I'm here, I'm now what is the things I need to think about, and it thinks I need to do so the shooting sports can provide so much good for people beyond being behind the gun.
Absolutely. As long as we meet, we most definitely our own worst enemies. And one of the things that I try to do whenever I'm shooting a competition is to be as light hearted as possible. And we say this over and over again, have as much fun as possible. But whenever I go first strikes, we always hit random. And for whatever reason, I get to go first, I'll look at my squat. I was like, Okay, well, I'll set the standard for you guys. And I'm totally kidding. So much banter, but it's me getting into my mindset of, I can do this, just go shoot, go shoot and have fun,
right? I have a good friend in Texas, he I'll never forget, he asked me the question. Because he said, Gabby, you go out there. And you go, so you look, he said, You look so relaxed, even though everybody's looking at you. So we used to go to this range in Texas, North Texas, that there's no much space behind the line. So everybody's like, but I knew as a shooter, you know, you're ready. And everybody's like, three, five feet behind you. And so I'm like, that may look to you, but I'm not more different than you are. You see, I do get anxious. Sometimes I get nervous. But it's understanding how to analyze that energy. So instead of me saying I'm there this, like, because of something could happen, I just say this is the state of mind I need to be because when I am have that, you know, my heart rate is pumping means I'm alert. If I'm too passive, I'm not alert. I'm just like, you know, but if I'm, I just think of it like, Okay, I'm ready to go, you know, this is the state of mind, physical, biological things that I mean, they need to be having right now. Because this is the activity I'm ready to go. So once you think about those energies, you need to know how you can analyze them. And that's what I told him just something if you feel your heart rate pumping, just think of it like that, like I'm ready. This is this is how I want to be the other way.
I'm not nervous. I'm excited.
Well, yes. And not saying I'm not nervous. Do you need to eliminate that word? To you know, the moment you say I'm no nervous, you're saying Oh, yeah, you are. But instead, if you say, Let's go, You know what I mean? No, you're not even entertaining the word nervousness, you say? Let's, let's do it. Let's go, I'm ready. I'm excited. You're right. That is definitely the way to the right, I would say the best approach, not necessarily a right or wrong. But in my perspective, the best approach,
the thing about what you just said, is the other reason to start competing. So the last time I played sports was in high school. And you know, I'm in my 50s now. So it's like, if you've ever competed, it gives you the opportunity to compete again. So I got two teenagers and they're competing and soccer and football and all that now. It's like, hey, you know what, I'm gonna go compete this weekend, and it gives you an opportunity to kind of get back into that, that excitement, that feeling again, and it's awesome.
It is it is and, and again, you know, I'll just tell you if you're new, or even if you're intermediate, I always tell my students is just have realistic goals. Okay? Realistic, I mean, according to your practice, okay, if you don't practice that much, if you just practice it once in a blue moon, don't get upset if you don't get in the middle of attack if your last one. Instead of be happy that you were out there, you had a great day in the outdoors. So be always realistic. And another thing I always tell them have many goals. So we as competitors, it goes to you, Jason Kelly. So most of competitors, you would think as you know, in long term, like I did, when my my class it, I went fine. Instead make mini goals. For instance. My mini goal is I'm going to have Office, or I'm going to have shoot 90% of the total points. One example. My goal is that I'm going to do my math changes. Well, I'm going to work on my realisation. So every time you work at home one home much besides everything else that you have to do, right But if you have meany goals and your match you leave the match and a better no matter where you place no matter everything else you may leave with that sense of accomplishment like for instance and that going back to my PRs match right that I made the I couldn't complete continuous unit with my gun I needed to shoot with another gun I the last stage I shot with my gun because there was no Saturday it was a total zero. And because I spent so much time trying to fix that zero again because we didn't have a 100 yards stage we could have ended up zero the rifle but that might happen that I wasted too much time and I couldn't even shut two stages. So think of it i How much I didn't have three stages zero Yeah, I wasn't literally at the bottom of the pack but shooting someone else's rifle that was about 30 pounds. It was not set up for me I adjusted it here and there and had to get used to it as I went on. And as I went on, I was like every shot every every target, I aim I had a hit. And even though I struggle to move that beast of a rifle from position to position, I left with a sense of accomplishment I said okay, I shot a rifle that was now my it was very heavy for me and I still I was able to do whatever I aim I hit that to me was a win that was my mini goal. And you know if you just see in the macro level, they may look not look so good. But if you look at the you know a small section and you have this many goals urina in a better way and I'm ready to put the next one my
my my biggest one for my last match so my first match I had a ton of failure to engages I didn't understand the whole time constraints and when to just skip a spinner or take the penalty on on pop or Sprite or plate racks Excuse me. On my next match my many goals were to have no failure to engages and to not bust any of the times and I did that.
Yes and so this way to go you know when you are a new shooter intermediate, or just like me, you know, like something came up and you cannot do your you should go 100% on your own. You have to have your medicals. Absolutely.
Well, we learned a lot today we learned just start shooting. Just shoot. Shooting is fun. It's a sport. And Gabby thanks a lot for coming on and looking forward to shooting with you and in Cali in the future.
Absolutely. Yes.
Thank you for having me. Such a fun talking with you guys.