The Protectors®

#437 | Katherine Boyle | The LT's Daughter | Behind The Badge

July 14, 2023 Dr. Jason Piccolo Episode 437
The Protectors®
#437 | Katherine Boyle | The LT's Daughter | Behind The Badge
Show Notes

Katherine Boyle joined The Protectors® to talk about what it's like to grow up in an police family, learning to live a life outside the "job", dealing with stress, dark humor, and a ton more.  

About:  Katherine Boyle is originally from Philadelphia, where she was raised in a close knit family with a strong law enforcement presence. After moving to New York City for college and a successful career in luxury fashion, Katherine’s completion of the NYPD Citizen’s Police Academy in 2019 sparked a deep desire to support law enforcement. 

Motivated by her own father’s unwavering dedication, she aims to provide tools and resources necessary for police officers to excel in their careers while prioritizing their families and personal lives. With a passion for fostering resilience and community, Katherine aspires to make a lasting impact on the well-being of those who serve and protect. Her mission is to create a supportive community for law enforcement and their loved ones, promoting a healthy work-life balance.



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