The Protectors®

#144 | Nick Norris | Navy SEAL | PROTEKT

July 05, 2020 Dr. Jason Piccolo Episode 144
The Protectors®
#144 | Nick Norris | Navy SEAL | PROTEKT
Show Notes

Inspiring.  Nick Norris is truly inspiring.  Nick’s energy is contagious, I’m sure his friends and teammates can attest to that.  Nick is currently building out the Protekt brand but is also a main proponent of the C4 Foundation as their Executive Director.  We cover a ton of topics on our interview.  


01:08 C4 Foundation

04:42 Nick’s Military Service

06:05 Service Transition

08:41 Building Connections / Dealing with Grief

15:10 Being Authentic


21:09 Mushrooms! 

26:35  What’s next for Nick? 

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